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How to earn money

It's so easy to make money that anyone can figure it out.

You buy a tree, which costs 17 Euro.

The five years it gives a return of 15%.

The 6-19 year gives a return of 15% every year.

The 20 years the tree is felled and you get the final return of about 170 Euro

Total of the 20 years you receive about 192 euro / tree you own when expenses have been deducted.

A Secretary makes no forest so we recommend you for example you buy one tree or more each month. The more trees you buy the more you earn.

Example over a year:

12 X 17 = 204 Euro annually in spending
12 x 192 = 2,304 euros in profit.

A return of over 1000% you will not get in the bank.

Buy a tree here.